Reflexology to support your Pregnancy

Having reflexology once you are pregnant can be a lovely time in which you can just relax and focus purely on yourself and your bump without any of the distractions of day to day life. Some women may find that they can begin to feel anxious and stressed as the pregnancy goes on, by having reflexology it can help you feel less anxious and stressed.

The main benefits of having reflexology treatments at this time are:

  • Encourages deep relaxation
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces any feelings of stress
  • Improves quality of sleep

There have been some recent studies done which have shown that the benefits of having reflexology during pregnancy can include:

  • Significantly reduced pain during labour
  • Reduced the length of the first stage of labour
  • Improved quality of sleep in post-natal women (study details are available on request)

If you are experiencing other symptom's that are associated with pregnancy such as sickness, back pain and insomnia etc then we can work the reflexes which may possibly help provide you with some relief from these.

Please click here to see more information from the NHS on your Pregnancy Health NHS Choices and Kicks Count

If you wish to find out more information or to book an appointment then please email me using the link on this page or feel free to give me a call.

This treatment can also be done using a blend of aromatherapy oils which is created just for you, a sample of your bespoke oil will be given to you to continue using at home.

“Claire was very welcoming , friendly and accommodating for me during my reflexology treatments whilst pregnant. I had my treatments during the Covid pandemic & felt in very safe hands whilst visiting with Claire. The treatments really helped with my anxiety and I can't wait to use our bespoke massage oil blend during our labour that Claire has made for us. Thank you again Claire!

Treatment Prices

Maternity Reflexology with Aromatherapy

50 minutes .........£55

Package of 4 treatments £204

Classic Maternity Reflexology

50 minutes .........£50

Package of 4 treatments £184

What happens during a treatment

When you arrive for your first maternity reflexology treatment it is really important for me to be able to understand why you have come along for your treatment. Our emotional and physical well being are equally important, so we will do a medical and lifestyle consultation together. This will enable me to ensure that your treatment is unique to your individual needs. Whilst we are talking your feet will be placed in a warm and relaxing foot bath.

If you have chosen to have aromatherapy oils as part of your treatment we will discuss which oils will bring you the most emotional and physical benefits during your treatment based on their therapeutic properties. We will then create you your bespoke blend of essential oils. Or your treatment will be done with a reflexology balm which is made here at the Reflexology Barn.

You will then be made comfortable so you can relax on a warm comfy couch. We will use blankets and cushions to get you as comfortable as you can be. The treatment time is yours to do what you want with, some clients choose to chat, whilst others like to drift off to sleep or simply take some time out.

At the end of your treatment you will be given some time to allow yourself to come round, and have a drink if you would like one. We can then also if you wish talk about some ideas that can help support you once you have left the treatment room.

Get in touch

If you would like to book an appointment or contact me then please send me a message on my secure contact form below, or call me on 07935205124.

I aim to get back to all in enquiries with in 24hrs. If you have not heard from me in 24hrs then please check your junk folder as sometimes my replies do end up there.

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My location

The Reflexology Barn, is based in Whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire and within easy reach of the surrounding areas of Titchfield, Park Gate and Locks Heath. Located just a 5 minutes drive off Junction 9 of M27in Whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire. This is ideal if you are travelling from either the Southampton or the Portsmouth areas. The A27 located close by gives easy access for the surrounding areas of Locks Heath, Park Gate, Titchfield and Burseldon. Swanwick railway station is a mere 20 minute walk away.

During the day there is free off street parking available for all treatments, with parking for evening treatments less than a minutes walk away.

*Ladies only, thank you for your understanding.

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